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The testimonials listed are actual letters and emails from our members.They have not been altered in anyway.This is just a small sampling of the thousands of happy members letters that we have received.You could have the same success in your life! Let us start a new beginning together, Give us a call 78-237-1480

"I am happy and able to say that I do not wish to receive any more referrals from SSI. Last August, I met a wonderful woman through your service.Today, I 'm going out to look at engagement rings.We've already figured out where we are going to live, after we get married, the priest who's going to marry us, and who's going to cater the affair and etc. We have not figured out a date yet, but we're taking sometime around spring. Thank you again!!! "
Paul & Karen, Watertown, MA

"Dear Successful Singles,
Fawn is very beautiful and elegant. She is smart and sexy. She has poise and class. I really like her positive and up-beat attitude. She is a very hard worker with what appears to be a clear vision of what she wants out of life.That sort of insight and focus is not commonplace with some women her age that I've met.We have talked a little bit about the future and seem to be on the same page. I will let you know how everything turns out. I am very optimistic about our future together.We got married this year." Regards, Brian & Fawn, Hopkington, MA

"Hello Roberta:
A voice from the past,Anyway, about 6 years ago I met Mary thru SSI, and we have been in a meaningful relationship ever since. In fact, we are engaged.And if not for Successful Singles, I would still be looking for that special lady. Mary is an exceptional lady, and I couldn’t ask for any better.Good to you!"
Harvey& Verna,Together since 2005 West Harwich, MA

"Dear Successful Singles, I met Michael today. Let me say this-if he is an example of the caliber of men you have in your dating pool, I’m overly impressed. I haven’t met a man like that in a long time. He has depth, great character is a good conversationalist, is handsome and very educated.And fun. Enjoyed my date.Thanks for the match-up, I’m very impressed." Karen Nashua,NH

"Dear Successful Singles:
Please allow me to take the opportunity to thank you for your diligent and thoughtful work on my behalf. I am more pleased with your efforts! You have introducing me to some quality people in what I can only assume is a very difficult job! I have really enjoyed the company of Kathy; I am placing my membership on hold.
Thank you again, Mike." Randolph, MA

"Hi Membership Services,
Hope you are well. I wanted you to know that Tom and I got married May 06. I cannot tell you how happy we have been. It has been a little over a year since we first met for lunch and it has been a wonderful year.We are such a good match for each other. Please let Ron know.We will always have a fond place in our hearts for SSI.You have brought two people together who have been looking for each other our whole lives.Thank you for everything! "Tina&Tom, Woburn, MA

"SSI is a wonderful way for people to meet who are compatible or to at the very least let people meet in a social situation that who never have met otherwise. For myself, getting divorced was a painful process; but I was excited also at starting over and looking for someone who I would meet and spend the rest of my life with. I knew that was what I ultimately wanted, but I did not want to rush the process.Thanks for helping Ginny and I come together in that process.You have made a tremendous impact in both of our lives, both for our children and us.Thank you again."
Ken Hudson NH

"Hi Roberta,
It is nice to hear from you! I got married last August. Carol and I are so happy. I am lucky to have found her. I real enjoyed my experience with Successful Singles and recommend it always! Thank you."
David & Carol,  Worcester, MA

"We met both on the phone and in person. He was a very sweet, gentleman who had a very nice personality. I found him to be extremely easy to talk to about many different subjects. I must say that my initial experience with the first referral was a dramatic improvement over other organizations. I look forward to working with you and the other members on making a successful connection with what I hope will be my future permanent mate. Again,Thank you."
Framingham, MA