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What happens at the Speed Dating event?

You will talk for 7 minutes, finding out about each other and getting a sense

of how you feel.  The dates are one-on-one.  During the event, you will have

up to 10+ speed-dates.
How does it work?

For every speed-date, you mark whether you want to get to know the person better. It is important to mark every date, even if you don’t wish to pursue the acquaintance. You will receive literature at the event that will answer all your questions. Please feel free to ask questions at the event.

Is it private?
Our unique system allows you complete privacy. You are known only by your first name. Only the people you select will be given your contact information. You control the contact information you give out.  You will be asked to give out your e-mail address and/or your phone number.

Is this event open to the public?

How will I know how this works?

There will be literature at the event and the Director will answer any questions.

Do professionals go to the events?

Will there anyways be a cash bar?

Depends on the venue.

When will I  get the results of my matches?
Where both people would like to pursue their acquaintance, the Speed Dating Director will facilitate the exchange of phone numbers and/or e-mails within

48 hours. Historically, we have an 80% matching rate. 

Do I need to register in advance?
Yes. You will need to register through the ticket agent Eventbrite. If you are having trouble email roberta@successfulsingles.com.

How do I sign up?
By purchasing a ticket on the assigned website on Eventbrite.

Is there gender balance?
Our goal is to have a balance of men to women for each event.
To that end, we require payment at the time of registration.

Can I smoke at the event?
No. This is a non-smoking event.

How do I dress?

Dress business casual. That first impression can be very important, so be sure to pay attention to your grooming and dress.

Will I be guaranteed a spot at the SpeedDating event?
Our events are very popular.  Most people who register and pay will get onto the active list; a few will not. We notify all registrants of their status by eventbrite email or email no later than 7:00 pm the night before the event.
The emails will be sent directly from Eventbrite.

What about refunds?

Because we strive to make the event gender-balanced, there will be no refunds except to those who remained on the waiting list. NO REFUNDS, or EXCHANGES/TRANSFERS once you have signed-up.

If I have additional questions, whom do I contact?
Please email: roberta@successfulsingles.com  or call: 781-237-1480

You'll talk for 7 minutes, find out about each other and will get a sense of how you feel. This event is open to the public!

Thursday, August 22nd

Wyndham Hotel Andover

123 Old River Road, Andover

Your dates are one-on-one. In a outside tent.Great food to eat, prizes, singles and lots of fun! During the event, you will have up to several speed-dates.

Age Group   45 -59+

6:30pm - 7:00pm Sign-up and Refreshments

7:00pm- 9:30pm Mingling & SpeedDating

There will be refreshments, prizes, singles and lots of fun! 


Frequent Questions Asked